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La cantina de Le Masciare

Here, during the harvest the grapes come in, where they are delicately pressed and the juice goes through the pre-fermentation, fermentation and steel-aging phases. Our rosé, white wine and our ‘Barbassano’ red wine are all bottled straight from here, and transferred to the storage below whereas all other red wines are placed in either tonneaux (500L) or larger casks (25HL) in the wine cellar for further aging in oak.

La cantina de Le Masciare

Our winery is a modern structure, covering some 1200m2, of which some 200m2 are below ground. It is composed of the vinification and bottling areas at the ground level, a wine cellar below the ground, our offices, a small laboratory, the olive oil storage room and a vast storage space above ground for packaging materials.


La cantina de Le Masciare

The wine cellar
This area offers about 200m2 of optimal storage space for the aging of wines, as it has the perfect humidity level and an almost constant temperature of between 11°C and 14°C. The walls are made from the natural rocks and stones that make up the terrain around the winery, and this in combination with a ventilation system makes sure that the wine cellar creates the perfect environment for aging.
The cellar is divided into two sections: for the aging in oak wood barrels as well as for the storage of bottled wine.

Energy efficiency
The roof has been covered with solar panels, enabling us to rely on renewable energy for our energy needs, and providing us with hot water. Furthermore, we have a rainwater reservoir that we use for the rinsing of outdoor machinery such as the tractors and ploughs.

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