Hundreds of years of organic EVO oil

Gli ulivi de Le Masciare

Ravece, a late maturing variety characterized by large fruits, produces an organic EVO oil with the most particular and complex aromatic profile. On the nose it reminds you of green tomato, thistle and artichoke, in the mouth it combines the sweet with the bitter, and a spicy finish. It is also very rich in polyphenols (natural antioxidants) which can exceed even 1000 ppm.

The Marinese is instead characterised by a smaller fruit, with a large pit that makes the yield particularly low, which is why in recent decades it has virtually not been planted anymore. Our mono-varietal organic EVO oil from Marinese is the only organic oil that we know of that is still present in Irpinia.

Most of our olive grove is ancient, having been planted around 1820 by the great-grandfather of our founder Caterina. Marinese and Ravece, the two autochthonous olive varieties planted, are mixed within our olive groves, according to the custom of the time not to differentiate the cultivars but instead to create blends of EVO oil.

Our preference, on the other hand, has been from the beginning to separate the two autochthonous varieties during harvesting by hand and press the olives separately to create two oils each with a distinct aromatic profile.

Gli ulivi de Le Masciare

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